Withings Wifi Body Scale

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If you are on a weight-loss program and want to monitor your latest weight data online or on your iPhone, Withings Wifi Body Scale is what you have been waiting for! Not only that, if you want to gain thousands of followers on Twitter or generate thousands of Likes in Facebook to motivate you to shed some fat, this item is what you need!

Say goodbye to your obsolete and inaccurate mechanical analog bathroom scale and welcome this digital wireless scale as you keep track of your body weight online or on your iPhone with Withings Wifi Body Scale.

What is so special about Withings Wifi Body Scale?

Withings Wifi Scale is a digital wireless bathroom scale that checks your body composition and stores weight, BMI, and body fat data online or on your iPhone through Wifi connection.

Inside this super flat digital wireless scale are the various benefits that you can only dream of:

  • First, you can limitlessly and securely monitor your progress of your body weight, your Body Mass Index, and your fat mass on the secured web. Since this is Wifi connected, you can also tweet your weight-loss progress in your Twitter account or post it on the wall of your Facebook. Nothing more can drive a person to reach his goal than the knowledge that his latest weight was about to be posted and broadcast in the Web!
  • Second, with its classy and stylish-steel design, you can use this as a perfect decoration for your bathroom.
  • Third, you can expect an accurate measurement of your weight which makes it a perfect tool to keep track of your health and fitness.
  • Fourth, you can share this scale to all the family members because it has the ability to recognize up to eight different users.

Setting up Withings Wifi Body Scale

To set it up, connect the scale to your computer through the USB cable. Then open the battery compartment and put the batteries inside, but don’t put compartment’s cover back on because the port to connect the USB cable to the scale is inside the compartment as well. After the batteries are installed and the USB cable connected to the computer, go to Withings website and open an account. See? It is just easy as 123.

What are you waiting for? Spice up your monotone and boring world of weight-loss activity as you monitor your weight with the perfect Withings Wifi Body Scale. Although this is not cheapest product online, its efficiency and durability are unquestionable

Withings Wifi Body Scale best price

At the moment of writing this review the regular price of Withings Wireless Body Scale online is $159.00 It is a good price, especially if you keep in mind that Free Shipping is included.

Amazon sometimes offers discounts on this type of products, but I will be honest with you – I have not seen discounts on this particular product. You have to check the current price by clicking on the link below.

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