Ab Rocket Twister ReviewsI have been reading a lot of Ab Rocket Twister reviews in magazines and online. Basically, AbRocket Twister is designed to tone and strengthen the midsection and stomach muscles and help get rid of love handles.

It has great features which add a new dimension to your workout by allowing you to twist your hips and legs so as to engage more muscles, including the obliques.

While there is no doubt that it has become quite popular these past few years, what people want to know is if it is the best abdominal exercise devices in the market?

How Does Ab Rocket Twister Work?

AbRocket Twister promises to help you burn fat and lose weight and inches around your stomach area.

The company said that the abdominal exercise device gives you all the benefits of sit ups and crunches without straining your back and neck. Ab Rocket Twister rocks back and forth and twists from side to side. These motions are designed to tone and strengthen your stomach muscles.

While this may sound difficult for some, it surprisingly is very easy to use. There are various AbRocket Twister reviews saying it is as if you are sitting in a rocking chair. It also features soft rollers to give you a back massage as you workout.

Comfortable and Safe to Use

One of the worries that people have when using abdominal exercise devices is if it will strain their neck and back muscles as they use it. However, AbRocket twister allows the user to have supported abdominal crunches.

What this means is that the exercise equipment will support their back and neck to make the movements more comfortable and enjoyable and to lower the risk of experiencing muscle strain. The overall safety of the sit up movement is good as it reduced the chances of having injuries that are associated with poor exercise forms.

Cost and Extra Features of AbRocket Twister

The original model of the AbRocket was retailed at around $100. It became a popular product fast particularly among people who would are keen on getting rid of fat on their stomach area.

Before ordering the product make sure that you can return the device for a full refund If you are not satisfied with it.

Some retailers bundle the unit with a “Total Body Sculpt” DVD workout program and a “Blast Away the Calories” meal plan to guide you as you try and tone and strengthen the muscles on your stomach with the AbRocket Twister.

Ab Rocket Twister Reviews – What Are Consumers Saying ?

There are a lot of positive Ab Rocket Twister reviews. Many did say that it is one of the best abdominal exercise devices because it really does provide users with results with continuous use. However, there have been a few incidents wherein people had problems with the springs of their AbRocket Twister. The company did replace it for free though.

Setting that aside, consumers said that the abdominal exercise equipment is a fun and safe way to strengthen the muscles and lose fat around the tummy. It is important to keep in mind that you will have to watch your diet and use the AbRocket Twister regularly for it to be effective.

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